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Through the vast, inky blackness of space, the command ships drift. Each mastering a variety of deadly weapons, each bent on only one goal: Galactic Conquest.

Four powerful factions must fight one another, grabbing desperately for the power, influence, and technology that will enable them to finally claim the entire galaxy as their dominion. Each faction needs a very specific assortment of planetary resources to power their bid for successful conquest of the Galaxy.


HeroCard Galaxy is a deceptively simple game of galactic conquest. The object is to gather a hand of winning planets in your "Home Row." The first player who can gather the appropriate resources wins the game, but players can use special technology cards to protect their assets, or to steal yours...


The devout members of the COSMIC CULT spread their faith from planet to planet. They glorify God by spreading His good news, by force if necessary.
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THE MECHAGEN are cybernetic life-forms . They conquer planets to save them from the twin scourges of disorder and individualism.
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