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Horror in a small town! An enchanted camera has drawn you into an ever-shifting nightmare. Your only hope of escape is to maneuver the other players to their deaths before they do the same to you!

HeroCard Nightmare is a surreal psychological thriller in which the last surviving dreamer wins. Nightmare blends deductive, clue-like game play with fast-paced HeroCard dueling, and sets them inside a modular, ever-changing landscape of gothic horror.


Nightmare is a HeroCard game, and comes complete with four Hero Card decks. Unlike other HeroCard games, Nightmare does not have any expansion decks, as all four characters come complete within the Nightmare box. Players should still feel free to take their Nightmare characters into other HeroCard games.


AISLING is a young woman possessed of a mysterious power. Her uncanny psychic gifts manifest in her nightmare as a black horse.
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WILL is a small-town sheriff, and the father of Aisling. Will has clear ideas about right and wrong, and being drawn into a deadly dream is very, very wrong.
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DEON comes from a powerfully devout family, and in the dream his faith makes him strong. His love of Aisling is only matched by his hatred of Will.
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ISIS is an outsider and a witch. Her magic, usually benign, has been corrupted, and her camera has drawn all of the characters into this nightmare.
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