Orc King Card List

Filthy Claws Base Attack B-2 Attack 3 4
Orcish Stamina Base Block B-2 Block 3 2
Disarm Special B-2 Target wastes one Base Attack. If Target's hand lacks a Base Attack, nothing happens. 1
Leathery Hide Base Block B-4 Block 5 3
Cunning Defense Block Mod M-2 Block +4 5
Vicious Strike Attack Mod M-4 Attack +5 5
Avenging Sword Base Attack X-2 Attack 0, plus the value of an Base Attack in play by the target of the current attack. 2
Ferocious Spirit Base Attack X-2 Attack 2 2
Shaman's Shield Special Block X-2 The lowest active Attack Mod is reduced to attack value 0. 2
Rending Fangs Attack Mod X-4 Select an Attack Mod that is currently active. Attack +1, plus the value of the selected card. 2
Bladebind Special Block X-4 Reduce Base Attack to attack value 0. 2


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