Ranger Card List

Slashing Blade Base Attack B-3 Attack 4 4
Parry Base Block B-3 Block 4 2
Twin Blades Base Attack/Block B-3 Attack 2 OR Block 2 2
Double Parry Base Block B-6 Block 7 1
Predator's Eye Attack Mod M-3 Attack +4 5
Quick Dodge Block Mod M-3 Block +5 5
Burrowing Beetles Base Attack X-4 Attack 2. During this attack sequence, target must first choose and discard 1 card before playing each block card. 3
Strangling Roots Base Attack X-4 Attack 1, +2 per block card in play by the target of the current attack. 2
Hawk Dive Special Attack X-4 Reduce one Base Block to value 0. 2
Nature's Ward Base Block X-4 Block 1, +2 per attack card in play by attacker. 2
Spin Parry Base Block X-4 Block 0, +3 per block card you have active, except this card. 2


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