Sorceress Card List

Staff Smite Base Attack B-2 Attack 3 2
Staff Shield Base Block B-2 Block 3 2
Arcing Staff Base Attack B-4 Attack 5 1
Mystic Shield Base Block B-4 Block 5 1
Combat Magic Attack/Block Mod M-2 Attack +2 OR Block +2 3
Divining Sight Special M-2 Draw 4, keep up to 2 (not to exceed 7 in hand). Place remaining cards on top of your action deck in any order. 3
Barbed Sorrow Attack Mod M-4 Attack +5 3
Domination Special M-4 Target chooses and wastes 2 cards from their hand. If target can't afford to play wasted card, discard instead. 3
Deadly Fatigue Base Attack X-2 Attack 0, +1 for every card in play by the target of the current attack. 2
Diminish Strike Base Block X-2 Block 0, +1 for every card in play by the attacker. 2
Fairy Glow Block Mod X-2 Block +3 2
Wand Blast Base Attack X-4 Attack 4 2
Fairy Prank Special Attack X-4 Reduce one Base Block to value 0. 2
Fairy Nimbus Base Block X-4 Block 4 2


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