Orc King

Orc KingOrc KingThe Orc King is a fearsome figure, who uses his brutal strength and base cunning to rule over the Orcs, leading them to glory, victory, and bloodshed against the elves. The Orc King is the Hero that uses the Orc deck. The Orc deck is a fairly basic HeroCard deck, but the special rules associated with the Orc side make this best for more experienced players.

Card ListThe Orc deck reliably provides mid-value attacks and blocks. This means it is extremely effective against an exhausted Hero, less so when the opponent is fresh and can mount a high-value attack or block.

Orc King CardsVicious Rending:
The Orc King's deck is fairly simple. This combo is a quick, brutal way to throw a bunch of damage at your opponent.
Fithly Claws is the basic Orc Deck attack, and it's effective, and fairly cheap. It has the advantage of leaving a lot of B free to defend later.
Vicious Strike is a straight up attack mod.
Finally Rending Fangs will jump your attack up another 6 to 14. This is enough to hit or at least clog up your opponent for the next clan's attack.


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