Paladin PawnPaladinThe Paladin is a devout and holy warrior, placing his faith in himself and his Elven Queen to the test fighting the Orcish hordes. His attacks are brutal, and he is especially empowered by cards that allow him to sacrifice cards for powerful attacks.

Card ListThe Paladin's powerful base attacks and scalable mods ensure that he can overcome most defenses, though the drain this creates on his resources often leaves him vulnerable to counterattack.

Blade of Divine Devotion:

Paladin CardsThis attack combo begins with Magical Blade which is a Base Attack of seven.
Adding Divine Sacrifice increasesthe value of the attack by discarding cards from your hand.
This gives you a Total Attack Value of 7 plus 2 for every card you discard.
Once you win the attack, you can play Stunning Devotion to force your opponent to lose at least a few of his own cards. Just remember to keep enough cards to block next turn!


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