Ranger FigureRangerSlipping silently through the forest, the Ranger uses his mastery of the natural world to fight off the Orcish forces. The Ranger is a powerful fighter in his own right, but often uses a variety of animal companions, who fight willingly at his side to protect their home.

CardsThe Ranger is a crafty and deadly defender of nature, using his magical twin scimitars to cut his foes down to size. The Ranger deck is flexible and reliable, perfectly suited for all skill levels.

Ranger CardsPredatory Beetles:
The ranger's strong suit is not throwing down huge attacks. Rather, the Ranger uses cards that make it very difficult for his opponents to respond to his attacks.
Burrowing Beetles makes your opponent have to be really sure that they want to block your attack, as each card they play forces a second card out of their hand.
You can follow up with Predator's Eye, which simply increases the attack total.
If things look like they're not going your way, drop a Hawk Dive on the enemy. This will force them to play at least two more cards, one a block or block mod, and the other a discard to be able to play.


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