SorceressSorceressThe Sorceress's bright and cheerful personality belies a fierce commitment to her people. Her vast magical might is more than equal to the task of protecting them. The Sorceress is best at forcing other players to play cards, and then basing her attacks and blocks off those cards.

Card ListA mystical mistress of magic, the Sorceress curses her enemies with baleful spells, then blasts them with arcane fire. The Sorceress deck shines in the hands of players that have the patience and skill to take advantage of her crippling combos.

Sorceress CardsDeadly Barbs:
The Sorceresses' most powerful attacks need to be used at the right time, preferably when your opponent is already fairly clogged.
Domination allows you to jumpstart the process.
Deadly Fatigue is progressive, so that as your opponent defends, they have to contend with your attack actually increasing.
Finally, Barbed Sorrow adds a little bit of extra damage, ensuring that your opponent will have anywhere from eight to eleven or more points of damage to contend with.


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