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Scoops: The Card Game available soon!

It's an ice cream party!
And what's as fun as eating ice cream?
Stacking them as high as possible, of course!
Your children will love to play Scoops: The Card Game while learning to share and take turns. They'll have so much fun that your children will forget who's winning!
Scoops: The Card Game is a 2-6 player game for your living room table that's fast, fun, and makes less of a mess than a real ice cream party! !


Parents! Want to see more kid's games? Then join us on Kickstarter to get Scoops: The Card Game out into retail stores!
Put in a pledge and get a free copy of the game. Help us put fun onto your living room table!

On the road but your kid really wants to play Scoops? Don't have the time or space for the card game? Have an iPhone? Then download the Scoops iPhone game by Nimblebit today!
How high can you stack your cone before it topples?
Nimble bit's Scoops iPhone game is available now at the Apps Store.

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