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It is the end of the eleventh century. In Heian, the Capital of Peace and Tranquility, the Emperor's power is waning. On the horizon, a new power awakens. The medieval period of Japanese history will be born in the fires of the end of the old era. Four families, each led by a powerful Hero, will vie for ultimate power, but only one Hero will be named Shogun

Rise of the Shogun takes place in a time of upheaval and change. The Imperial court, grown insular and delicate, is slowly being supplanted by powerful families whose combination of wealth and military might make a confrontation all but inevitable. Each of these families is led by a scion, a Hero, and it is up to those Heroes to shepherd their families to power and glory, eventually taking the title of Shogun.


HeroCard Rise of the Shogun is a two to four-player board game of strategy and mission completion. Players will move their Heroes around the board, discover powerful treasures, make alliances with nobles, and recruit peasants to fight for them. They can even control Heian and declare themselves Emperor, but only the player who manages to make themselves Shogun will win the game...


THE SAMURAI is an honorable warrior, who uses the strength of his convictions as much as the strength of his body to overcome his foes.
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THE NINJA is a cunning fighter who lurks in the shadows, striking when his opponents least expect it. He is well versed in the darkest arts of disguise.
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