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Miko Card List

Tiger Claw Strike Base Attack B-3 Attack 4 2
Sidestep Base Block B-3 Block 4 2
Thousand Mountains Base Attack B-6 Attack 7 1
Swing Around Base Attack B-6 Attack 2 1
Unyielding Sword Base Block B-6 Block 7 1
Reversing Time Special M-2 Look at the top 5 cards of your discard stack, and place 1 of them in your hand. 2
Buddha's Palm Attack Mod M-3 Attack +4 1
Agile Maneuver Block Mod M-3 Block +5 1
Meditation Special M-3 Clear and negate any non-attack card. 2
Burning White Fire Attack Mod M-5 Attack +6 1
Crystaline Defense Block Mod M-5 Block +7 1
Pure Strike Base Attack X-4 Attack 4 2
Zanbatou Strike Special Attack X-4 Base Block reduced to block value 0 2
Sinuous Dodge Base Block X-4 Block 4 2
Perserverance Special Block X-4 Base Attack reduced to attack value 0. You must still block Attack mods as usual. 2
Paper Fan Strike Base Attack X-5 Attack 1 1
Fate's Beloved Special Attack X-5 Convert the lowest active Block Mod to an Attack Mod on your behalf. 2
Fate's Blessing Special Block X-5 Convert the lowest active Attack Mod to a Block Mod on your behalf. 2
Heaven's Wrath Base Attack X-9 Attack 9 1
Heaven's Protection Base Block X-9 Block 9 1


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