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Ninja Card List

Belly Slasher Base Attack B-4 Attack 5 2
Dirty Trick Base Attack B-4 Attack 1. Your opponent must immediately discard 1 card at random. 2
Good Positioning Base Block B-4 Block 1. Draw 1 card. 2
Shadowed Block Base Block B-4 Block 5. 2
Kickup Attack Mod M-3 Attack +4 2
Shuriken Special Attack M-3 Play as an Attack Mod. Target discards 1 Base Block. If Target cannot, Target discards any 2 cards. 2
Acrobatic Maneuver Block Mod M-3 Block +5 2
Terrain Advantage Block Mod M-3 Block +3. Draw 1 card. 2
Falling Stone Strike Attack Mod M-5 Attack +6 2
Camouflage Block Mod M-5 Block +7 1
Ancestral Prayer Special M-5 Draw 3 cards. If this puts you over your hand size limit, discard down to 7 cards during the next Discard Phase. 2
Attack From Above Base Attack X-4 Attack 4 2
Ninjatou Attack Mod X-4 Attack +4 1
Determined Block Block Mod X-4 Block +5 1
Evasion Special Block X-4 Base Attack reduced to attack value 0. You must still block Attack mods as usual. 2
Venomous Strike Attack Mod X-8 Attack +8 1
Shadowed Soul Base Block X-8 Block 8 1
Definitive Maneuver Special Block X-8 After you play this card, Attacker cannot play Attack Mods in the current attack sequence. 1


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