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Samurai Card List

Efficient Block Base Block B-3 Block 4 4
Overhand Thrust Base Attack B-5 Attack 6 4
Endure Pain Special Block B-5 Base Attack reduced to attack value 0. You must still block Attack mods as usual. 3
Resounding Blow Base Attack B-8 Attack 9 1
Unbroken Defense Base Block B-8 Block 9 1
Thunder Stroke Attack Mod M-3 Attack +4 2
Cross Block Block Mod M-3 Block +5 2
Perfect Block Block Mod M-3 Block +6 2
Sideswipe Attack Mod M-4 Attack +5 1
Gain the Advantage Attack Mod M-7 Attack +8 2
No Mind Block Block Mod M-7 Block +9 2
Crushing Blow Base Attack X-5 Attack 1. Ignore the first Block Mod played. 2
Ki Strike Base Attack X-5 Attack 5 1
Iron Soul Base Block X-5 Block 1. Ignore the lowest active Attack Mod played. 2
Ki Block Base Block X-5 Block 5 1


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