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Miko PawnMikoThe Miko combines tremendous physical power and an unwavering faith into an overwhelming package of holy might and sheer brutality. Heading a clan of priests and mystics, the Miko uses powers borrowed from the gods themselves to strike terror into her enemies.

Card ListThe Miko's deck is well-rounded, though best in the hands of an intermediate or expert player. While she has a strong outlay of basic attack and defense cards, the Miko has a few special cards that can turn the tide of almost any battle.

Fate's Fire Strikes the Mountain:

Miko CardsAnother combo that will cost pretty much the whole of your resources, this attack works by laying down a basic attack and mod combo, and then ignoring or swiping anything your opponent tries to do to stop you.

The combination of Zanbatou Strike and Fate's Beloved alone should be enough to put your opponent on the run, but when you're clearing the way for a thirteen attack, it gives even the strongest deck pause.

If you think you can afford it, drop the Burning White Fire in favor of Meditation, which you can use to clear one of your other cards.





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