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Ninja PawnNinjaAs mysterious as he is powerful, the Ninja's motives are unclear, but his combination of stealth and cunning is unmistakable. With his twin kama blades, and his short ninjatou, the Ninja uses the arts of stealth and disguise to disorient his opponents long enough to plant his weapons where they'll do the most damage.

Card ListThe ninja's deck has some interesting facets to it, not least being the emphasis on discarding. Unlike many other Heroes, the Ninja focuses on forcing opponents to lose block cards out of their hands in the midst of an attack.

Venomous Shuriken:

Ninja CardsThis is the most efficient way to get the Ninja's discard abilities working.
Start with Dirty Trick, which forces your opponent to discard a random card. It's a low attack, but the more cards you can get out of your opponent's hand, the better.
Following up with a Shuriken or, better yet, two, seals the deal, as your opponent has lost either two blocks, four mods, or some combination thereof.
Finally, Envenomed Strike raises your attack to a respectable nine, and your opponent's hand is crippled. Enjoy!





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