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Prince PawnPrinceBrilliant, cunning, and connected, the Prince's strengths are his courtly demeanor and backstabbing politics. The Prince is trying desperately to win back some measure of imperial power, and will stoop at nothing to get it.

Card ListThe Miko's deck is well-rounded, though best in the hands of an intermediate or expert player. While she has a strong outlay of basic attack and defense cards, the Miko has a few special cards that can turn the tide of almost any battle.

Gilded Full Moon Strike

Prince CardsThis is probably the sneakiest combo in the Prince's deck. It plays on the fact that the Prince can turn cards in hand into power for attacks, then refill his hand.
Viewing the Moon, seems, at first glance, to be a little useless. But paired with Tessen Strike, it forces your opponent into a death-spiral of card shedding, as they struggle to keep up with you.
Be sure to keep Vast Wealth in hand so that you can refill your hand with cards after your attack has gone through.





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