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SamuraiPawnSamuraiThe Samurai exemplifies the best aspects of the tradition of Bushido, the way of the warrior. Strong, wise, and honorable, the Samurai soldiers through pain, adversity, and hardship to strike a killing blow at the heart of his enemies.

Card ListThe Samurai's deck is simple and straightforward, relying heavily on B and M. His X cards come in handy for blocking or evading attacks, but for the most part he concentrates on putting together solid attacks and blocks without too much fancy footwork.

Advantageous Blow:

Samurai CardsSince the Samurai's deck is so simple, he doesn't really have a long attack combo to highlight. Instead, we can just point out the stunning 17 points of attack that the Samurai can drop on his foes, while still leaving himself 5 X for a block or an evasion.
Alternately, you can start the combo with a Crushing Blow, which will give you a total attack power of 9, but have the effect of ignoring the first block played by your opponent. This requires an opponent to play at least one extra mod, possibly more, depending on what they've deployed. As always, it's important to take into account what you think your opponent has in their hand.





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