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Rainy Day Game, Aloha, OR
PUBLISHER TableStar Games
MSRP $24.95
FORMAT 6”x9”x2-1/4”, board, 2 figures, 86 cards, 4 shrines, 8 castles, 60 peasants, rules

[All scores out of a possible “10”]

PRESENTATION [8]: This is the first HeroCard game that has generated serious buzz among my customers. The box is gorgeous and contains all of the information that a consumer would want to see. The cards are of decent quality and the art represents the theme to perfection. Add in the nice gameboard and the 70+ plastic figures and you’ve got a winner. Once again the board and the plastic figures really bring the theme together.

SALABILITY [8]: The Rise of the Shogun base game is only $24.95 and I personally love that the entire series of HeroCard games is expandable in bite-size increments of $9.95. TableStar offers an excellent website with Flash demos for all of their games along with a retail locator. The ability to go to their website and learn all about the games is a godsend to any retailer seeking knowledge about the products available in the current sea of boardgame offerings.

GAMEPLAY [7]: The unique card based combat system that crosses all of the HeroCard games is clever and keeps the learning curve short. Rise of Shogun uses this combat system over the top of a simple area control game set in feudal Japan and it works well. The addition of treasure and mission cards also adds an interesting twist to every game. Not to mention the fact that the ability to use all of the HeroCard character decks from any of the HeroCard games gives an amazing variety to the style and flavor of combat.

OVERALL: I believe that this is the HeroCard game that should finally give TableStar games the recognition that they deserve. Rise of the Shogun delivers the theme and feel that the box conveys so customers should be happy and come back for more. And at $24.95 your customers won’t mind adding in the $9.95 expansions for even more sales.


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