TableSTARS Program

Welcome to the TableStars Program! Our volunteer STARS are a vital part of the TableStar Games team. TableSTARS demonstrate our games at stores, gaming groups or conventions, help us at gaming events, and/or playtest our games-in-development.

To join our exclusive team and get in on the action by contacting the STARS Volunteer Coordinator at stars @ tablestargames.com

DemoSTAR, TableStar Games, LLC

Volunteer Summary
The DemoSTAR demonstrates our games to potential customers. As part of this job, the DemoSTAR runs public demos at local game stores and/or game clubs and teaches the general gaming public about TableStar games. In addition, they may be called upon to go to local or major conventions to demonstrate games. DemoSTARS may be asked to go alone to conventions or be part of the official TableStar Games booth staff.

PlaySTAR, TableStar Games, LLC

Volunteer Summary
The PlaySTAR supervises board game tests for TableStar Games, LLC. As part of this job, the PlaySTAR would be responsible for recruiting game testers, testing games, and providing appropriate feedback to TableStar Games. The PlaySTAR receives the prototype either via snail mail, by email, or by ftp. In the latter two cases, the PlaySTAR may have to print and cut out the game components and create a mockup based on our specific instructions.

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