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You stare out of the window on the top floor of the Ministry of Peace, overlooking your nation's progress. Your neighboring nation behind that impassable terrain has ramped up their production. But do the fires of industry indicate a desire to trade needed commodities or a preparation for war? You can't afford indecision! Your nation needs your leadership to protect itself from invaders. But the real question is: do you take the fight to your neighbors?

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In War Clouds, Wealth of Nation's first expansion, you can change the game from aggressive economic competition to straight-up aggression! Tired of your neighbor hogging all of the Capital commodities? Then build your army and annex his industries!

Build Military Units, march into your opponents' territories, and disrupt their industries. Or go on the defensive and simply strengthen your borders against foreign aggressors. But be careful, don't let your eagerness for war overshadow your nation's need for Food, Energy, and trade. War requires the same level of foresight as your economic growth, so plan accordingly!


War Clouds will also change up your Wealth of Nations game in other ways. Add terrain to make territory a premium or to block off your opponents. Invest in Super Industry Tiles and leap ahead in production and efficiency. Or play a fast game with new optional rules!

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